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09/05/2017 17:06
gezelligheid kent geen tijd Pfft

08/05/2017 13:14
En weer een.

25/04/2017 15:35
Ohoh een bot in het forum

27/03/2017 13:20
We organiseren een cod2 tournooi op 1.0. Meld je team aan op www.myevilclan.tk!

13/03/2017 11:12
jep ^^

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Geplaatst op 11-02-2017 17:12
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Hello Good evening! ... First of all I want to thank those who can help me !!!. A few months ago started creating a .Pk3 Map for CoDUo. Every certain part of the map he was editing, he was saving, compiling and testing in the game as he was leaving. I did it several times until about 1 week ago I got about half the map I want to do and I found 1 ERROR that I was paralyzed and since then I could not solve it and for that reason I could not continue trying my map.
The ERROR is as follows ///// CMod_LoadNodes: children exceeded. /////
This error pulls me when I finish doing the whole process of saving and compiling the map and I take my .pk3 file to the folder CoD / uo and then start the game.
-In the compiled process does not give me any error.
- You have already tried options that have been seen in other forums such as (change the hunkmegs config "128" / a / "512" and in direct access add + com_hunkmegs arrow "512"
-I have copies of prefabs / maps / bsp / with previous dates and it works me in perfect condition, but when I continue editing again it throws me the error again.
-Probe to use the map in another PC and also follows the error
-Problem of capacity is not, since I have memory of 2gb./ 2gb video card ddr3 nvidia.
Geplaatst op 13-02-2017 11:29
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This is what Google gave me as a result

Broncode downloaden  GeSHi: C
  1. Copy the PAK files from disc 2 to your PC.
  2. 1) Place Call of Duty disc 2 in the CD-ROM drive.
  3. 2) Open My Computer.
  4. 3) Right-click on the Call of Duty CD and select Open.
  5. 4) Open the Setup folder on the CD.
  6. 5) Open My Computer again.
  7. 6) Open the Call of Duty folder on your hard drive, C:\Program Files\Call of Duty.
  8. 7) Copy the MAIN folder from the CD-ROM drive into the Call of Duty folder.
  9. 8) If prompted to overwrite files, do so.

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